About mdb

Hello, world. This is me.
It’s not a picture of me doing anything cool. It’s a picture of me as you get to interact with me. Sitting in front of my computer. Actually, it’s realistically more like this, because I don’t smile all the time.
It’s been a little while longer now, and my idea of what I’m doing here is just about as accurate as it was before. Before you dive into the fantastical hypertext (slash php) universe that is this blog, there are some things you should know. The first is, you’ve been lied to your entire life. Get over it. In fact, I have too. It’s just the nature of, well, having parents who’ve lived. Which, so far as we know, is the only way to exist. Isn’t that a conundrum. The second is, the Vogons are coming, so drink up and don’t forget your towel. Anyway, this is a place where I write about things that are in my head, and put them on the internet. Because once it’s on the internet, you know it’s really true. It’s really something of a test, you see. If I post something here and it disappears, I know I’m thinking about it all wrong. You can expect to find musings here about anything really, so if anything makes you uncomfortable or you find anything disconcerting, you might want to just turn around now. There is a line somewhere that runs along the border of “Question everything about your existence”, and “Don’t bother just enjoy it because in a couple of minutes the Earth will be destroyed anyway”. I have no clue where that line is, so I’ll probably do a little of both. In any event, thanks for taking the time to read this, and keep thinking with your brains, not your elbows. Run along now, there’s so much to learn.