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The Bathroom Mirror Message Board Writey Marker Device…Thing

I live alone. I don’t have a cat, or a fish, a hamster, or a roommate.  It’s usually pretty nice, I can chill with no pants on and no-one asks any questions.  Although for the most part I am slaving away at school or at work or doing homework in the library, occasionally I’ll take the time to enjoy myself, and hang out with my friends. Sometimes I’ll even have friends over at my apartment (crazy I know). And it’s in the last bit where the Bathroom Mirror Message Board Marker Writey Device Thing came about, while hanging out with my friends.

It actually came about with one friend in particular, my best friend Matt.  You see, I was going through a rough part of my life, one where I was learning and growing, and facing some of the monsters from under the bed.  And the thing was, the monsters were pretty sneaky.  They are pretty good at making themselves look like nice safe fun happy things.  And then they get you.  We’ve all been gotten at some point or another, by some thing or another.  It’s not fun, not fun at all.  But there are good things that come from the bad things.  There were several good things that came from this bad time for me.  But by far the most important one is on the wall in my bathroom.

I woke up one morning while I was going through this time, and got started on my usual morning routine: stumbling into the kitchen, somehow managing to put on some coffee, missing the walls on the way to the bathroom.  And then I saw it.  On the mirror.  I knew I didn’t write it. It took me about 2 seconds to put together in my drowsy state that Matt, who had been there the night before, had left it for me to find.  It was Jeremiah 29-11, there on my bathroom mirror, staring at me with my own eyes.  And there I stood, blinking, reading, thinking.  Totally caught off guard.  Exactly what I didn’t know I needed.  In the next few days, I found a few more verses awaiting me on my mirror.  And then I added, leaving a few messages for myself that I needed to be reminded of, or needed to remember.  And then I got an idea.

Now, I do know of one other Bathroom Mirror Message Board in existence.  It belongs to a girl I went out with back in high school, and quite frankly I’d forgotten about it until a few hours ago.  I doubt it gets much use any more, but all those years ago when I saw it I thought it was a cool idea. And now I think it’s a just plain awesome idea.  So I took a dry erase marker and wrote at the top of my bathroom mirror “Leave a message!”, and I hope anyone who finds themselves in my bathroom does so, whatever is on their mind.

Now some of you smart folks out there will be remembering the first line of my story here and think I may be a bit odd or crazy for having a message board for me, myself and I in my apartment.  Matt commented on this exact thing earlier this evening, to which I replied, I want to be prepared for whenever someone ends up in my bathroom with a message on their mind.

I want to challenge all of you who have made it to the bottom of this post to do the same; start a Bathroom Mirror Message Board of your own.  All you need is a dry erase marker, a bathroom, and a mirror.  If you have roommates it could be even more fun, leaving messages for each other or whoever else uses your bathroom.  And if you don’t, do it anyway! Leave messages for yourself, and see what your houseguests leave.  Plus, who doesn’t love writing on mirrors with dry-erase markers?! It’s a way to brighten someones day who may need it.  And no matter what, when you stand there after you get out of the shower and check yourself out in the mirror in all your glory (…be honest, we all do it), it will give you something else to look at.  Thanks for reading, God Bless, and enjoy your Bathroom Mirror Message Boards!

First day of school!

A little gold fish once told me, “FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL, TIME TO GET UP FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!” And although he was in a movie and speaking to has slightly larger gold fish dad, that has stuck with me.  The first day of school is such an iconic day in our culture.  It’s an exciting day.  Whether it’s the first first day of school in your life, or the start of a new semester with all new classes, the excitement is still there.

Somewhere in the house I grew up in, there is a picture of me on my first day of school ever.  It’s a great photo of me as a li’l guy.  I’m standing at the bottom of the driveway, awaiting the massive yellow bus to come whisk me away to the land of learning. I’m wearing an Oompa Loopma sized blue polo shirt, tiny khaki pants, and a red backpack.  I think the best part of the photo is the backpack.  I was headed off to kindergarten, and I honestly can’t remember what all a kindergartner starting school in 1997 needed to carry with them, but that backpack is roughly half the size of me. I’m sure my mom thought it was vital that I had whatever it was, but I look at my first days of the semesters now and the backpack containing a binder with a few sheets of filler paper to get me started with any class that actually starts teaching material on day one, and I am a little perplexed.  I remember a lot of things about my life, but that particular detail is not one of them.

Throughout the years, I’ve had a many first days of school.  Each year, starting a new adventure.  I’ve grown a lot since that first first day of school.  Physically (I’m not Oompa Loopma sized any more…I know, crazy) as well as mentally, emotionally, and in just about every other way you could imagine. I wonder if the little version of me in that photo waiting for the bus would recognize the man I am now.  I wonder in 20 years, if the man I am now will recognize the man I will be then.  Who knows what my ‘first day of school’ will be then, what I’ll be learning, where I’ll be learning it.  It’s all part of the adventure. It could be a job, a training session for some thing I need to learn to do, like how to operate the flying houses we’ll have. It could be on some intergalactic space-station-rocket-ship flying from the Earth to the Moon, and then on to someplace like Andromeda.  The best part is, I honestly don’t have a clue.  Isn’t that grand? Happy first day of school everyone!


Colorblind.  Black and white.  Trees so dark and snow so bright.  An unofficial squadron heads out into the night. Motivated by first light.  Onward, upward, outward, go. Forgotten camera, heavens no! Bundled up from head to toe.  Moon sets the mood lighting to low.  Not far in and oh, it’s cold.  Wind has blown the snow that’s old.  Signs stick up, allusion to The Road.  A rhythmic clinking from my back reminds me of my load.  Breathing in and breathing out, thump thump thump thump why so loud? Oh, the others have fallen back, stop and pause a moment.  Back! to the unrelenting pace.  Up the side: a stellar race.  Can we match the bright star’s pace? I gaze upward, into space.  A pinprick of light is seen ahead. One dots, two spots, four, six, eight, ten.  We’re not alone racing up the mountain.  A short hill, a switchback, but weary! mistakes can leave you dead.  Off we plunge into the abyss.  It’s really deep, my knees, I miss. In the dark, the branches kiss my face, hands up! Protecting this; that with which I use to see.  I need those things, though now the me that I know and love so well, is, colorblind.  Onward, upward, outward, going. Passing by others, for us, reassuring.  We’re not alone in this crazy outing.  But wonder is soon felt, where ARE they going?  Over a crest, a small descent.  A descent pace, soon I start to sweat.  A layer off, and on we go, down down down down down, DOWN?! No! Up is where we want to go.  I look at my hands and discover white snow where my black glove used to be, colorblind.  I feel the cold and damp snowy glove upon my hands.  Cannot bother with it, presently there are greater demands.  Two miles, three miles, maybe more.  I said “it will be an adventure” did not know this was in store.  The drop of a hat, the thirst of a few.  These things split our group right into two.  The team, split up, keeps moving on. The night is darkest, coldest, hardest, just before the dawn.  We keep climbing up, take a short break, glance the other way.  It’s just then I see it out over the bay.  A small red glow coming from the east.  Like blood rushing back into numb frozen cheeks.  Frozen heads, shoulders, knees, toes, this cannot be! We are not where we want to go.  Colorblind! Any more ado will only get in our way. Best be we just continue, on our way.  After all, we came to greet the day.  We hike upward, outward, onward, finding a ridge to perch upon.  Then the hardest part, freezing, awaiting the awesome dawn.  Cold, blowing cold, I don the layers from before.  Cold, tired, spent, my head nods towards the floor.  Only 10 long minutes more.  Face chilling, hand freezing, ass numbing cold. Whispers in my ears, the minutes go by so slow, I feel I’m growing old.  But…wait…is that…could it be?! Look! There! The light! So bright. Such vivid hues set free.  The black and white is gone.  Replaced by one and two and three million colors like a ripple in a pond.  The sunlight brings warmth into numb frozen cheeks.  Frozen heads, shoulders, knees, toes, all found in jubilee.  I once was blind, but now I see. The moment perfect, that elusive ‘just so’. It’s a brand new year, a new day dawning. Onward. Upward. Outward. Go.