Monthly Archives: December 2012


I always enjoy watching a first episode of any TV series.  The introduction to the story is something that isn’t enjoyed nearly as much as it should be.  Often the pilot has some different aspects to it that serve to set up the storyline for the remainder of the show.  You get to see a little bit of the part of the story that happened before you came along and watched it on the little magic box in your living room.  There is also an air of excitement of what is to come in the episodes that follow.  You can also see the cast of characters getting used to their dynamic with each other and learning how to work together.  Usually in the first episode something happens that changes one of the characters lives.  By the end they have framed the outline for how the character will overcome whatever has happened, and in the following episodes you get to see the story play out.

Sometimes in our lives we have ‘pilots’.  Something changes, for better or for worse, and we have to react and move on and start a new chapter in the story that is our lives.  These can be hard times for us.  The change may be overwhelming at first.  It may be hard.  Sometimes we may have to swallow our pride.  Sometimes we may just have to change an old habit.  There are an infinite amount of things that can have an affect like this on sometimes life.  It may be something incredibly tangible, like going off to college, or having a child.  Or it may be something as tangible as holding onto a handful of smoke.  It may be simply growing up.  Learning things about yourself that you never thought possible.  And yet, suddenly, they are nothing but possible.  It may involve being tough, being strong, fighting for yourself, or fighting for others.  It may be learning how to see the whole board in the game, and evaluate all the pieces all at once.  It might even be realizing that change isn’t always a bad thing, and taking that and applying it to future changes.  Whatever it is, these changes aren’t easy.  They push us out of our comfort zones, into that dark and scary world of the unknown, where the monsters under the bed live.  No one likes the monsters.

But no…we should love the monsters! Without them, we’d never have to grow or fight.  In the end looking back, the monsters are the things that pushed us; the challenges that were so daunting that we just wanted crawl back under the covers.  In triumph over these beasts, we achieve greatness.  And in greatness, we are greeted with entirely new, larger, scarier, more daunting beasts.

The start of a chapter in someones life is crystal clear.  Sometimes, it’s only clear to you, the person living it.  It may be an external event, or it may be something internal, that only the closest to you can see.  But regardless, these events are grandly important to all of us.  They need to be appreciated for what they are.  The opportunity that comes a long with them.  The endless possibility.  This may be hard; these times may not always be the happiest. They form us into who we are, and who we will be.  That’s not always an easy road.

This pilot’s present pilot was hard.  It was exhausting.  It was mind numbing.  It was challenging.  It brought me into the land of the monsters from the bed.  And I won.  I grew.  I learned.  And I will continue to grow, and learn.  Amongst other things, I realized that the things on my mind should maybe be off my mind.  How I got from there to broadcasting them over the interwebs is a still little fuzzy…but I’m just going to go with it.  The best thing about a pilot, is that there is a whole story to follow.  The best thing about the ‘pilots’ in life, is you get to write the story.  I get to write my story.  I get to live my story.  And in the words of a pilot, Lights. Camera. Action.